Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 Battle Pack TRX FG - White/Gold/Black RC (5318)

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 Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 Battle Pack TRX FG - White/Gold/Black RC (5318)

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Just like Warriors going into battle, Adidas World Cup soccer cleats will all feature the same War Paint. The Adidas Battle Pack has a basic white/black design with sharp Solar Gold. The Adidas NitroCharge World Cup soccer boots feature the Adidas Battle Pack design, featured on all of the Adidas boots in the 2014 World Cup in Brasil. The players wearing the Battle Pack will look to go to war together.

The Nitrocharge has become the shoe for working midfielders. The players that need the energy late in the game, to not only score the game winning goal, but to stop the opposing team from getting theirs. This bootl highlights the players who do the dirty work. The EnergySling offers an energy stabilizing element to the shoe. It helps the foot recover and relax, which can provide a boost towards the end of the game.

This boot is miCoach compatible making your shoe become a working tool. Analyze your play after games and practices to understand your needs and abilities.


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